Confessions of a foodie

Dark, bitter, invigorating — these three words are the first adjectives that come to my mind as I sip my morning coffee. The hypnotic smell, woody aftertaste and caffeine rush are why I crave this pure black drink.

I love coffee in every form and combination but my preference is usually an espresso or Americano (I sincerely apologize to Italians) — black, no sugar and scalding hot, even in summer. “Very old-fashioned”, you might say and I agree. Indeed, staying true to my pedantic nature, I like to stick to the original taste of coffee without saturating it with milk, syrup, spices or other flavors.

However, sometimes, I might fancy a delicious cappuccino or a traditional Australian flat white. I have to say Australians make the best coffee out of all I have tasted so far. While a cappuccino might taste like a milky-frothy disgrace to coffee in the US, it has a much stronger character and more body to it in Australia. I’m yet to try coffee in Italy, and I’m certain that I’ll be amazed when that happens.

I should also note that I regularly make my coffee at home using either a moka pot, a french press or good-old drip coffee brewer. When it comes to choosing coffee beans, I most often opt for medium roast, single origin Arabica beans. To be honest, I’m not very picky with brands and where my coffee comes from. I like to go by whatever the local grocery store sells. Currently, I’m digging Colombian coffee…hmm delicioso!

Almost forgot to mention that Turkish coffee has a special place in my world! Rich, grainy, and reminiscent of my childhood, Turkish coffee is more than a beverage; it is a ritual that bonds people, sparks conversations and challenges you to be present in the moment.

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