Confessions of a foodie

#6: Pear

“Sweet, juicy, soft on your tongue, grainy like a sugary sand that dissolves in your mouth. How’s that?”

— Maggie (played by Meg Ryan) in the movie, City of Angels

Pears come in so many different forms, colors and textures that I could easily survive a whole year just eating them. There are Bosc pears that are crisp and juicy with brownish skin similar to Asian nashi pears. On the softer spectrum, there are red and yellow Bartlett pears with almost mushy pulp and divinely fragrant skin. All this is to say, pears are probably the most diverse fruits when one considers skin color, pulp texture, aroma and shape.

What is also underestimated about pears is their ability to complement other flavors. Have you ever tried the combination of cinnamon, pear and walnuts baked in the oven? What about a smoothie that includes pears, ginger, and spinach? Or consider this: arugula, pears and feta cheese sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. Pears can also be used to stuff meat such as chicken, turkey or duck. They are great in salads, desserts as well as on their own as delicious snacks. Basically, pears are great for experimenting.

My fascination with pears started watching Meg Ryan in City of Angels biting into a pear and describing the taste in Hemingway’s style to an angel fallen on Earth. Every time I slice a pear and feel the juice flowing on my fingers, my mind prepares my taste buds for the sugary sand that I’m about to indulge in.

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