Confessions of a foodie

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Picture this: toasty crust with sesame seeds and onion salt, crunchy bacon glazed with maple syrup, and dollops of scallion cream cheese. Now imagine biting into a bagel sandwich going through these layers of flavors/textures. If that doesn’t sound like heaven to you, I don’t know what would.

Bagels were never part of my diet until I started living in New York. I’m glad it started here because New Yorkers are very fussy about their bagel in the best way possible. Its shape, size, texture, doughiness to chewiness ratio, even the way it is cut and eaten has specific rules. Eating a bagel sandwich makes me feel part of that culture I had zero contribution to. Well, except the fact that now I’m writing about it.

Even though I almost never eat bread with my breakfast protein, bagels are an exception. So much flavor is packed in this little donut-shaped goodness. If you’re looking for a classic, try the lox salmon bagel at Zabar’s. If you’re after something more adventurous and exciting, then visit Bo’s Bagels and make sure to get “The Andrew” on an everything bagel. If you’re more of a middle-ground person, then Absolute Bagels is your best bet.

Bagel sandwich is like a lover that was not impressive at first sight but gave you such pleasures that you have been going back for more. I know that I’m definitely going back to Bo’s Bagels soon, what about you?!

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